Full Drivers Licence WA


To progress to your a full drivers licence in WA, you must be at least 19 years old and have held your provisional licence (red and green Ps) for periods adding up to 2 years.

As long as you have a good driving record throughout the 2 years of your provisional licence, you will automatically progress (upon renewal) to a WA drivers licence.

Any period during which your licence is cancelled or suspended because of driving offences does not count toward this requirement.

Depending on the severity of the offence, you may be required to start accruing time again and previously accrued time will be lost.

Licence features

Your full drivers licence in WA is valid for 1 or 5 years depending on your preference.

In addition to following the road rules like all road users should, there are specific rules associated with a full drivers licence. Disobeying these additional rules could result in heavy fines or loss of licence.

Blood Alcohol Concentration 0.05
Demerit points 12 points in a 3 year period

(You will no longer be considered a Novice Driver) 

Plate display Not required
Maximum speed limit The limit as signed
Transmission If tested in automatic, can only drive automatic
Mobile phone Drivers can only use a phone to make/receive calls if it is securely mounted or can be operated without touch (voice activated). It is illegal to use text, video or email messaging or similar communication while driving. GPS function can be used if the phone is securely mounted and does not need touch input.
Night driving restriction No restrictions - they only apply for the first 6 months of a provisional licence (the entirety of your red Ps).
Licence category Only applies Class C - cars (not buses, trucks or motorcycles)
Supervision To supervise a learner a driver must be a licensed/authorised driving instructor or a person who has held the same class of licence for at least 4 years (with conditions that enable them to instruct - drivers with the 'automatic' condition cannot instruct learners in a manual).


Safe driver reward

Provisional licence holders who do not commit a traffic offence during their 2-year provisional period are eligible for a free year when they renew their licence for the first time after completing the provisional period.

This scheme aims to incentivise safe driving in provisional licence holders and provide a reward for those who are responsible throughout their first years of independent driving.

For comprehensive information on the full drivers licence, please refer to the Department of Transport website. The above information is a summary of this content and although current when published may now be outdated. To ensure you are accessing the most current and accurate information, use the DoT website or visit your nearest Department of Transport centre.