You must pass the Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) before getting your provisional licence, which will allow you to drive on your own. This book provides the answers to questions you may have about the PDA. It also:

  • complements the information in ‘Drive Safe: A Handbook for Western Australian Road Users’ (you still need to know the information in that book)
  • gives you information about the experience you need to become a safe driver
  • provides a place to record your learner experiences to help you decide when to take the PDA
  • explains what skills you need to pass the PDA


Continue reading the How To Pass Your Driving Assessment Summary:

1. About The Handbook

2. Preparing To Drive On Your Own

3. A Quick Look At The Practical Driving Assessment

4. The Practical Driving Assessment Items

5. Are You Ready For The Practical Driving Assessment?

6. Conclusion

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