This book helps you to pass the PDA and the GDT&LS. You should now be ready to continue towards becoming a safe driver by completing the log book requirements.

Even after completing the logbook and obtaining a provisional licence, be prepared to continue learning. Good drivers learn something every time they drive.

Many drivers crash in the first few years of solo driving. The key to reducing crash risk is to gain as much experience as you can in different conditions. Take every possible opportunity to drive with an experienced driver and ask for their feedback. This will reinforce the skills you started to develop while you were a learner.

As a provisional driver you have to make the most of your experience because you can no longer rely on a supervisor. Make the most of your driving experience by checking your driving, thinking about what you did and then learning.

Use the Exercise Practise Forms that start on page 56 of the original document to check how well you perform the exercises. When you pass the practise exercises, try driving around following directions using the Follow Directions Practise Forms on page 63. Then link exercises and ‘follow directions’ sections to practise the whole PDA using the Practise PDA Forms on page 64.

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3. A Quick Look At The Practical Driving Assessment

4. The Practical Driving Assessment Items

5. Are You Ready For The Practical Driving Assessment?

6. Conclusion

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