Learner's Practice Tests WA
Once you've read Drive Safe: A Handbook for WA Road Users and know the content, it's time to test your knowledge using the learner's practice tests for WA!

The Department of Transport provides 11 practice tests for learners that accurately simulate the real 30-question WA Learner's Test.

Each practice test contains 30 multiple choice questions based on the content in the Drive Safe handbook. You must choose the most correct answer from the 3 options provided. Some of the questions will be based on an image that will appear on the screen. You must complete all 30 questions before you can see your results.

Remember, you need to get at least 24 out of 30 to pass the real test!

Feel free to bookmark this page so you can access the learner's permit practice test WA right up until they call your name at the testing facility.

Practice Test 1 Practice Test 2
Practice Test 3 Practice Test 4
Practice Test 5 Practice Test 6
Practice Test 7 Practice Test 8
Practice Test 9 Practice Test 10
Practice Test 11

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