Learner's Test Study Tips WA

As the Learner's Test in WA is a theory test, it’s important you know the material and prepare for the test. It’s recommended that you read the latest version of Drive Safe: A Handbook for WA Road Users as this is the material that will be tested. You should then read the Driving Test WA summary of Drive Safe: A Handbook for WA Road Users.

This summary condenses the 133-page handbook into 58 pages. Prepared based on the questions you may be asked in the test, the summary concentrates only on assessable material. This allows your revision to be far more targeted and therefore effective. When you’ve familiarised yourself with the assessable material, it’s time to put your knowledge to the (practice) test.

To get an idea of what the test will look like and how you will interact with the test, the Department of Transport provide 11 practice tests that simulate the real test. These practice tests are structured like the real test and consist of 30 multiple choice questions with 3 options each. These tests are good practice for the real test.

So your study should be structured as follows:

  • Read Drive Safe: A Handbook for WA Road Users
  • Revise using the Driving Test WA Summary
  • Use the Department of Transport practice tests to identify areas of weakness and learn from mistakes
  • Revise using the summary to solidify your understanding in the areas in which you struggle
  • Continue to use the practice tests 
  • When you're regularly getting 100%, sit your WA Learner's Test

Check out the other resources available to help you pass the Learner's Test WA and get your learner permit (L plates):